A frying pan is an essential workhorse in the kitchen. They are designed with a flat bottom and rounded sides, which make them perfect for fast cooking with oil over very high heat. Out there in the market, there are various types of pans but not all that will meet your expectations. Some give disappointing results regardless of how experienced the chef is. If you are a victim of disappointment, not to worry as we have an amazing eco copper frying pan available in our stores that you can try out for superior results.

Eco copper frying pan has so many benefits, and this is the reason why it has become very popular in the recent past. Just to highlight a few; the pan is a good conductor of heat and thus heats very fast and you can actually cook your food in a matter of seconds, the pan heats evenly thus avoiding hot spots hence allowing the food to cook evenly, its weight allows it to sit securely on the cooker.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, eco copper frying pan is also scratch resistant, does not stick, dishwasher safe, oven safe, induction ready, easy to clean high-quality non-stick surface, and oven-safe handle heat resistant. Make an order today and enjoy your cooking.