Imagine waking up every morning to the smell of a fresh pot of brewing coffee. Freshly ground coffee, anytime you want, would be a heavenly experience for every coffee lover out there. However, running to the local coffee shop daily can be bothersome and quite costly for many of us. A better idea is to invest in a good quality coffee grinder to enjoy that amazing coffee flavor any time of the day. While a quality grinder may be a bit expensive, it will be worth every penny. Why? Good quality coffee grinders provide coffee powder within minutes, for brewing the coffee, and that powder can be stored for a couple of months without any issues. The powder has uniform consistency and gives a much better taste than ready-made coffee powder. Experts claim that within a few minutes of going through a grinder, coffee beans start oxidizing (i.e., staling), which alters the flavor. The sooner the coffee is brewed after putting it through a grinder, the better its taste it will yield.

For home users, there are two types of grinders available: coffee mill (i.e., Burr Grinder) or common Bladed Grinder. With a Burr Grinder, you can grind beans using two serrated discs or burrs. You have to decide the type of grind you want, load the beans unto the chamber, and begin grinding. The ground coffee gets collected in another chamber and can be brewed. This type of grinder produces a more consistent grind and quality coffee. Alternatively, the common Bladed Grinder, with its two-sided sing blades that spin and chop the coffee beans, produces a very inconsistent grind. There is also the risk of burning the coffee as there are no grind settings available. This may be a cheaper option, but if you want a great cup of coffee every day, then Burr Coffee Grinder is the safest and more economical choice in the long run.

Good quality coffee grinders are the most important equipment when it comes to making coffee at home or at the workplace. A quality grinder will prevent the coffee from clumping, ensure that beans stay cool during grinding and there’s even coffee distribution in the basket. Uneven grinds bring on a whole set of problems, so it’s best to avoid them. There are several options available today to choose a grinder based on type, size, and color, etc. Choose the one that best suits your needs and your kitchen.