Do you have a drawer full of dull knives that just don’t cut it? You buy them sharp but they get dull fast. Don’t you want razor-sharp blades that are guaranteed to last? Then the 3 piece copper knife set is exactly what you need. Each knife is designed with a razor-sharp blade so strong, it’s guaranteed to stay sharp for life or you get your money back.

The complete 3 piece copper knife set comes including a multi-purpose pro-chef Knife, a non-stick serrated knife, and a versatile fillet knife. It’s everything you need to effortlessly glide the skin of a fillet of fish, cut a toaster-perfect slice of bread straight from the loaf, cut through an entire watermelon with just one swipe. This well- designed set features a 10cm unsharpened blade that is made of enhanced stainless steel – it won’t rust on you and it will last for long.

It is also a lightweight item which makes it perfect for beginners who want to learn how to make nice meals.  The lightness of the knife makes it a simple product to use and you’ll have such an easy time cutting through anything in your kitchen. The 3 piece copper knife set is able to cut through anything.